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Competition - Annual SMMURFFF Contest

Society of Memphis Magicians Unique Reward For Finishing First

Every year during the November metting, the Society holds an annual competition. The competition is to serve as a focal point to encourage the members to develop a smooth professional level presentation of their magical skills.

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Previous Winners

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Year SMMURFFF Novice
2017 Jeffrey Day
2016 Jeffrey Day
2015 Jeffrey Day
2014 Jeffrey Day Tim Grant
2013 Nick Toombs
2012 Larry Clark
2011 Aaron Acosta Sam Fleishhacker
2010 Aaron Acosta Bentley Burns
2009 Richard Oakley William Chioggi
2008 Grayson Smith Martin Seiler
2007 Barry Rice Bill Thompson
2006 Barry Rice Tim Parker
2005 Johnny Williams Barry Rice
2004 Johnny Williams Mike Blumenthal
2003 ? ?
2002 ? ?
2001 ? ?
2000 ? ?
1999 Jim Surprise Grayson Smith
1998 ? ?
1997 Jim Surprise ?
1996 ? ?
1995 ? ?
1994 Jim Surprise ?
1993 Jon Stanford ?
1992 ? ?
1991 Jim Surprise ?
1990 Jon Standford ?
1989 Jon Stanford ?
1988 Jim Surprise ?
1987 Mike Clayton ?
1986 Jim Surprise ?
1985 ? ?
1984 Jim Surprise ?
1983 Jim Surprise ?
1982 ? ?
1981 Jim Surprise ?

Competition Rules

  1. Two categories are available: SMMURFFF and Novice (there must be at least two contestants in each category or the category will be canceled)
  2. Any member in good standing of Ring 16 may enter the SMMURFFF competition.
  3. The Novice category can only be entered by individuals who have never won either the Novice or the SMMURFFF competition.
  4. Presentations must be less than 10 minutes in length.
  5. Spectators should have fun, however remember that the performer is trying to win so please respect the performance and leave the room if you wish to talk.

Entry and Order of Presentation

  1. The Novice competition will be held first, immediately followed by the SMMURFFF competition.
  2. All eligible members wishing to participate should sign up with the Ring Secretary before the beginning of the business. meeting. At sign up time they will indicate which category they wish to compete in.
  3. When signing up contestants will draw a number that will be used to determine the order of appearance. The list of participants and the order of appearance will be read at the end of the business meeting.
  4. Each act will be introduced by the President or Vice President. The introduction will be only the name of the individual unless a special introduction is necessary to set up the performance context. In that case, the introduction must be provided by the performer, to be used by the Introducer.


  1. Only Ring members will be able to vote in the judging of participants.
  2. No individual may cast a vote for their own performance.
  3. Judging will be on four areas
    1. Technical skill with the illusions used;
    2. Auditory presentation of the illusion either by patter or music;
    3. General Impression of the performance;
    4. Ranking of the individual.
  4. Categories A, B and C will be judged on a 5 point scale with 1 being low and 5 being high. The winner will be the individual with the highest point total.
  5. In cases of a tie Category D will be used with the highest ranked individual in the tie winning. This may not be the highest ranked individual in the competition.
  6. As the purpose of the competition is to improve the magical skill and performance of Ring members and as lay people are often useful in highlighting a magical effect, guests are invited to attend the competition.

Awards and Obligations

  1. The SMMURFFF winner will receive a wall plaque or trophy and will have his/her dinner at the Holiday party provided by Ring 16.
  2. The SMMURFFF winner will perform at the Holiday party.
  3. The SMMURFFF winner will be expected to present a Front Table Teaching Session during the next calendar year.
  4. The Novice Category winner will receive a wall plaque or a certificate indicating that they have won the novice division.

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